1. Mitch Hedberg - Age 12
    Thank you Comedy Central for shaping my humor into what it is today. Mitch was the first comedian that made me love stand up.
  2. Dane Cook - Age 13
    That thrill of watching something you know your parents wouldn't approve of.
  3. Daniel Tosh - Age 14
    My brothers and I would watch his show and specials together. Great fun was had by all.
  4. Demetri Martin - Age 15
    Adorable. Accessible. Who doesn't love him?
  5. Aziz Ansari - Age 16
    Harris from Intimate Moments is a bit I used to be able to quote word for word. I credit Aziz with teaching me how to tell engaging stories of everyday occurrences.
  6. Bo Burnham - Age 16
    Really resonated with my high school angst. Not my thing now, but at the time I considered it easily the most relatable comedy I had ever seen.
  7. Dan Cummins - Age 17
    When I got into Pandora's comedy station, Dan was the standout. He has the most ridiculously great premises and his stuff about his kids is 💯.
  8. John Mulaney - Age 18
    The juxtaposition of his sunny delivery and his drug related subject matter is just the best.
  9. Hannibal Burress - Age 19
    Undeniably great. Best live comedian I've ever seen.
  10. Kumail Nanjiani/Pete Holmes/TJ Miller - Age 20
    The year of You Made It Weird. Beta Male is my favorite of the bunch, but they've all captured a piece of my heart.
  11. Kristen Schaal - Age 21
    Just now getting into her stuff but the general absurdity and lack of filter reminds me so much of my sister that I had no choice but to love her.