Requested by Brynelle

My First Day of Corporate Life: A Story Through Schmidt Gifs

  1. When you wake up.
  2. When you put your business clothes on.
  3. When you've worked up a full sweat during your commute.
  4. When you accidentally exit the subway instead of just transferring lines and have to pay another $2.75 to get back underground.
  5. When you first sit down and you have to make small talk.
  6. When someone asks you if you had a fun summer and you say "Yeah I went to Greece" like a douche when you should have just been like "Yeah it was fun hanging with my hometown friends for the last time."
  7. When your bungee jumping story kills during icebreakers.
  8. When your group is assigned to grab laptops first and eat lunch second.
  9. When you're standing alone in line waiting for laptops and the two kids in front of you turn around to include you in their conversation.
  10. When you finally get food.
  11. When you figure out your own tech problem during laptop setup.
  12. When you're told your table will be doing scenario discussion.
  13. When they ask for volunteers to read the scenarios.
  14. When your "Paul didn't know how to work the scanner" story/example kills during scenario discussion.
  15. When they say, "Only 44 years until retirement."
    What am I supposed to do with that information?!?!!????
  16. When all activities end and you get to go home.