Inspired by my suggestion to @brynelle. Imagine I have you in a gentle embrace as I say these things to you, @iheartmonkeys99.
  1. That she always sends friend requests at the perfect moment for every one of the many new friends she is bound to make.
    Not too soon. Not too late.
  2. Donuts. In. Every. City.
  3. That her internet is good enough to stream iZombie and Mindy because she needs to keep up.
  4. That she find love.
    My wish for her each and every day of my life.
  5. That she studies.
    This one is gonna be hard, but don't give up on me now. Not after the effort we put in last semester.
  6. An Instagram PR.
    Honestly, not too much to ask.
  7. I wish her the most memorable, adventurous, and dare I say magical 21st birthday known to planet earth.
    If you don't wear a sash and a tiara I will slap a bitch.
  8. Buy new tennis shoes!
    Seriously, I am concerned for your health. You must be in peak athletic shape when you return because I need you to take over my dodgeball and soccer captaincies.
  9. In conclusion, I know this will make you a stronger, better person, and I am so excited to see how The Continent changes you. You are a beautiful warrior princess! Peace and blessings on your journey.