Newsies, Ranked

  1. Spot Conlon
    So into him. Lives his brand. Takes no shit. He's an American hero.
  2. Jack Kelly
    The passion. The dancing. The Bale.
  3. Davey Jacobs
    The brains behind the whole operation.
  4. Crutchy
    Weak, but lovable.
  5. Kid Blink
    Into the peacocking.
  6. Mush
    He's does a lot of the aerial tricks.
  7. Boots
    Small but determined.
  8. Racetrack Higgins
    A wheeler and dealer. Respect the smolder.
  9. Snoddy
    Runny nose dude. But p. cute.
  10. Bumlets
    Good nickname.
  11. Specs
    Sharp dresser.
  12. Pie-Eater
    I can relate.
  13. Dutchy
    P sure he's the first one to yell "Strike!" Egregious lack of good Dutchy photos.
  14. Skittery
    Debbie Downer but I like the trademark pink.
  15. Snipeshooter
    The other small one. Not memorable.
  16. Swifty
    Also played "East Village Denizen" in Across the Universe if you were wondering how his career played out.
  17. Snitch
    No one named Snitch is gonna rank high. Although I too sucked my thumb far longer than socially acceptable.
  18. Itey
    Whatever. Can't make myself care.
  19. Jake
    Literally, who?
  20. Les Jacobs
    Honestly, if you ever want to torture me, surround me with a chorus of children.