From the opinion of a very infrequent media employee.
  1. Hockey
    In a word: YASSSSS. Food highlights include fajitas, vegetable pene, garlic knots, and life changing brownies. Worth freezing your butt off during the shift.
  2. Women's Basketball
    Solid upper middle class. Food highlights include pulled pork and Mac and cheese. Asparagus and tortellini. If the desserts were better this could be in competition for #1.
  3. Baseball
    Hotdogs. Cookies. Coke. All American spread. Not much variety but at least it's there. Food highlight: red velvet cookies. I had 4.
  4. Men's Basketball
    Technically the same press box as women's basketball, but with a less enjoyable atmosphere. Food highlights: multiple favors of vitamin water. Food lowlight: barbecue flavored chicken gravy.
  5. Soccer
    The last time I worked, there was literally just a 5 gallon trough of plain Lays potato chips and like 6 room temp bottles of water. Unimpressed to say the least.
  6. Volleyball, Lacrosse, Softball
    NO food. Depression-era levels of frugality on display all around.