NYC Dessert Ranking

Two s's cuz you always want more.
  1. Baked by Melissa
    A DOLLAR FOR A TINY BITE ARE YOU SHITTING ME? Like guys, the cupcake is the size of a US Quarter. And they cost a dollar plus tax! (But like, if you brought them into the office I won't say no.)
  2. Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate
    Hey? Do you like ice milk? No? Ok then pass this up.
  3. Big Gay Icecream
    So down for the cause and the staff is super friendly but the soft serve is milky nothing.
  4. Dough
    Overrated soz. But at least it's usually fresh.
  5. Cart Donut
    Gets the job done. Nothing wrong with it. Usually a buck.
  6. Dessert Club by ChikaLicious
    Like it's aight?! I tried the apple crumble and the dough'ssant and the toffee cake and it was all fine.
  7. Peter Pan Bakery
    I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt because I think I maybe just went too late in the day. Nothing special.
  8. Donut Plant
    I recommend the oatmeal one.
  9. Milk
    Probs not worth the line. It's all prepackaged so it's a little clinical for my taste. But it was delicious so I'm torn. Maybe if I went to the full Momofuku shop I'd love it?
  10. Magnolia
    Cupcakes are mediocre. Cheesecake is good. Banana pudding is great.
  11. Shake Shack Shakes
    Never had a better peanut butter milkshake.
  12. Solid product. Crazy hype right now. Don't wait forever for this when you could make a batch of great cookie dough in 15 minutes at home.
  13. Blacktap Milkshake
    Size matters. Instagrammable and good.
  14. Moe's Donuts
    Solid vibe. Solid price. Solid dessert. Solid.
  15. Donut Pub
    The chocolate dipped old fashioned is like the best version of a Hostess Donette you can ever imagine. The cronuts are p. good here as well. I've had every flavor.
  17. Mikey Likes It
    Um hello best ice cream in NY. Pleasure to meet you. The red velvet February flavor of the month is such quality.
  18. Eileen's Special Chessecake
    Everything I tried was delicious. Pumpkin cheesecake? AMAZING. Blueberry? SO GOOD. Peanut butter explosion? MAYBE THE BEST.
  19. Levain Cookies
    Indescribable. Must taste for yourself. I go at least once a month.