Requested by Brynelle

OH Yeah Forgot I Was Gon Request Top 5 Dave Franco When Those Top 5 Lists Were Going Around.

  1. Ooh baby. List App isn't ready for my love of Dave.
  2. First, let's begin with this tweet.
  3. I'm not some casual fan. I've gone deep.
  4. 5. The time a magazine wanted him to interview James and he showed up in a full suit.
    Not as a joke but because he didn't know what was going on, then they went to eat cheap Mexican.
  5. 4. 21 Jump Street
  6. 3. Nerve
    He's hot. The movie is fun. Good Dave all around. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYONE PULL OFF THE SOFT SMILE LIKE THIS?
  7. 2. Jazza interviews Dave Franco
    Like 20 minutes of nonsense. One of my favorite thing about Bb Dave is how he always seems interested in the interviewers. You know, like a good person is?
  8. 1. The as yet TBD dramatic lead role that will completely redefine his career and everyone will start taking him seriously.
    I'm so exited for this eventuality that it's already my number 1 spot. Look at the emotional range in this gif!!