Phases of My Birthday Karaoke Performance

  1. I'm on stage!! How fun is this?! I'm twentttyyyyy twoooooo bitcheszzz!
  2. Come out of the gate strong. I am a tornado of stage presence. "Fancy" by Reba MacIntyre has never been sung with this much commitment.
  3. The moment of pure panic when I question everything that has lead to this moment.
  4. Looking for some help from @brynelle who I'm pretty sure had never heard the song before and had prop microphone that wasn't plugged into anything.
  5. Forget the haters. I. Am. Fancy. Momma I won't let you down!
  6. Just point, Bailey. That feels right.
    (feat. backup points from @rcwornhoff who's mic was also a prop)
  7. There is no past. There is no future. Nothing matters outside of this moment! I am the queen of my destiny!