1. Literaturelly Women
    @rcwornhoff and I discuss female heroines, probably alternating episodes between my beloved YA and her beloved 19th century fiction. We would always end by discussing our dream casts for the inevitable movie adaptation.
  2. Bees Can Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
    Andrew Garfield and I meet once a week and have a recorded conversation. We cannot contact each other outside of these times. The podcast continues until we fall in love. Listeners get to experience 100% of this magical process.
  3. Ryan Murphy: Sit Down!
    Myself and guests publicly bash Ryan Murphy until he agrees to make one or less project a year. Controversial opinion, I know. But I just can't with Ryan Murphy any more.
  4. Welcome to The OC, Bitch
    Me and my 19 year old brother watch one episode of The OC each week and discuss our thoughts. Segments include: "Who do you think is most likely to OD next week?"
  5. The Journey to Freestyle
    @brynelle and I try to become good freestyle rappers. Just an hour a week of us learning how to freestyle. Special guests to include Common, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Eminem. The series ends with us going on Sway in the Morning.
  6. Bravo, Bravo!
    Me and my 23 year old sister watch Bravo programming and applaud their skill in creating content. Then we bring in two cast members from various shows and try to counsel them through whatever conflict they are engaging in this week.
  7. Shit Talkers
    As previously demonstrated, one of my core conversation topics is poop. So I might as well get paid for it. Myself and scientists discuss nutrition and poop information in humorous and informative ways.
  8. Donuts 'n Sit-Coms
    @iheartmonkeys99 and I try donuts from around the country then we talk about our favorite sitcoms. Pretty self explanatory.
  9. Jeopardy: Red Capet Edition
    We all agree that red carpet questions are dumb, so let's bring intelligent programming to this popular forum. Replacing Alex Trebek, I host mini rounds of Jeopardy at red carpet events. Haven't you always wanted to listen to Beyoncé answer questions about Proust while sporting a 16lb headdress at the Met Ball? Me too!
  10. Fall Break Freedom Tours
    The podcast that almost was. @brynelle @iheartmonkeys99 and I live documenting a trip from Indiana to Colorado. Episodes such as "Hear Us Get Pulled Over in Missouri" and "Don't Touch My Donut, Bitch!"