Down to the cent because I'm annoying.
  1. So MoviePass is a way to see whatever movies you want in a large number of theaters for a flat rate per month.
  2. Seeing a movie in a movie theater is probably my favorite activity.
  3. When Moviepass ran a Groupon for a 6 month unlimited membership for $160 I was all over that shit.
    And I had never bought a Groupon before, so I got $30 off with a promo code. Total purchase $130 dollars! Whaaaattttt?!?
    I live in Manhattan so this is the price of 1.5 movies every month.
  5. October Movies
    (Tbt to square crop.)
  6. Coming Through the Rye
    (City Cinemas Village East: $15) Fine little indie about a boy's attempt to find J.D. Salinger and show him a stage adaptation of The Catcher in the Rye that he wrote. Kinda boring, but I'll see anything that a Wolff brother is in.
  7. The Accountant
    (AMC Village 7: $17.49) I shit you not. A lot of people paid $17.49 each to watch this film. The theater was FULL. There were recliners involved but still. I actually didn't mind this movie, even after learning that "Calculate Your Choices" was the tag line. I filled up a water bottle with cherry slushee and still kinda feel bad about it but then remember that the theater charges $17.50 a seat!!
  8. November Movies
  9. Hacksaw Ridge
    (AMC Village 7: $17.49) These recliners are more comfortable than my couch. Didn't steal a slushee this time. Ps. This movie is bad. Like, some good things happening, but I wasn't impressed.
  10. Loving
    (Regal Union Sq: $16.25) Good movie. Not what I expected. I really love dialogue, so it wasn't my favorite of the year.
  11. Arrival
    (AMC Village 7: $17.49) Starting to develop a real addiction to the recliner theater. I made another water bottle slushee. I'm conflicted about the whole situation but I just really like the white cherry flavor.
  12. Moonlight
    (Village East: $15) Each chapter is more heartbreaking and vulnerable than the last. Awards! All the awards please!
  13. It was at this point in the year that the AMC Village 7 ended their contract with Moviepass. THAT MEANS NO MORE RECLINERS.
    I was shocked. I was outraged. I wrote a passionate email to the Moviepass staff. Honestly, this was a major hit to the euphoria of the Moviepass discovery.
  14. December Movies
  15. The Edge of Seventeen
    (Amc Westroads 14: $9.08) I snuck off during a business trip to Omaha, and I could not be happier with that decision. Such a feel good film. Also I got carded, so I guess you could say my face is that of an Nebraskan tween.
  16. Moana
    (Amc 19th St: $14.99) Cute. Liked it. I could've used more songs TBH.
  17. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    (Regal Union Sq: $16.25) Wasn't gonna watch. Then I did. I am kinda disappointed in myself for liking it. But it was gooooodddd.
  18. 1.5 months after purchase I have officially broken even. Every other movie is just bonus now.
  19. Office Christmas Party
    (Union Sq: $16.25) you know what would have made this movie better? Watching it in a recliner.
  20. La La Land
    (U already know I'm at the Regal at Union Sq: $16.25) If you haven't seen this by now get out of my life.
  21. Allied
    (City Cinemas Village East: $15) "YELL ZEMECKIS PLEASE!" (If anyone gets that reference we are now best friends.)
  22. Passengers
    (Hamilton 16: $8.50) They're hot. We get it.
  23. January Movies
  24. Hidden Figures
    (Amc River East 21: $11.75) 2017 is the year of Janelle Monae. I'm calling it.
  25. Fences
    (Union Sq: $16.25) Lord grant me the serenity to deal with Denzel in this film and also the ASSHOLE woman physically next to me. Nothing but good things for Viola though. She crushed it unequivocally.
  26. The Fits
    (Metrograph: $12) I really just wanted to go to Metrograph but the movie was good. Like an extended short film vibe if that makes sense. Would recommend. Excited for the young female director. I think she's gonna do great things.
  27. The Bye Bye Man
    (Chicago Regal City North - $12.89) 27% on Rotten Tomatoes was generous.
  28. 20th Century Women
    (Amc Kips Bay - $16.99) Found another recliner theater bitchhhh. This movie was good and made me feel like I need to be less responsible. Who's down to make some bad decisions?
  29. I've officially doubled my money for anyone keeping track.
  30. Jackie
    (Film Streams Omaha - $9) - Slightly hungover so I cried a lot but I didn't love it.
  31. February Movies
  32. Lion
    (Paris Theatre: $15.50) SUNNY PAWAR is a ray of sunshine and we are all unworthy. "I CAN LIFT IT" omg.
  33. Split
    (AMC Village 7 -$17.49) THE RECLINERS ARE BACK. This means so much to me that I got over my fear and went to see Split. It was good.
  34. Walking back from Split I had the thought: this is going to end soon and I immediately panicked. I'm not sure what I'm going to do after this ends.
  35. Kedi
    (Metrograph - $15) I love Metrograph and it's bougie concession stand and it's Wes Anderson rip off website. Ugh. It's great. Cute cat movie btdubs. Very nice establishing shots.
  36. A United Kingdom
    (Angelika- $15) Boring but nice. Attractive people. Attractive places.
  37. Paterson
    (Nitehawk - $12) My first Jim Jarmusch. It was not great but I feel like I may find myself thinking about parts randomly when I let my mind wander.
  38. Lego Batman
    (AMC Village 7: $17.49) My dad was in town and wanted to see it, and I'm a good son so I obliged. It wasn't bad.
  39. March Movies
  40. The Founder
    (Village East: $15) @bjnovak what a sly little bitch you play in this movie. Color palette on point. Keaton's lisp was so good.
  41. Table 19
    (AMC Village 7: $17.49) 'Twas cute. I could watch a dumb movie like this every week and be happy.
  42. Water & Power: A California Heist
    (Village East: $15) Very good documentary about the California water drought. Add the privatization of public water to my list of environmental anxieties. If you want to be reminded of the value of reporters catch this doc.
  43. Logan
    (AMC Village 7: $17.49) Solid plot. Nothing too original but everything felt authentic to the story.
  44. The Other Half
    (Cinema Village: $12) um yeah this movie was aight?
  45. Get Out
    (AMC Village 7: $17.49) Allison Williams sipping milk is still burned into my mind.
  46. April Movies
  47. Gifted
    (Regal Union Sq: $16.45) Cute movie. Cute Q&A after with the little girl and Octavia Spencer and Marc Webb.
  48. Zookeeper's Wife
    (AMC 7: $17.49) Boring. Snooze. Pass.
  49. Man on the Moon
    (Metrograph: $15) What a crazy movie. Is Jim Carey fully insane or only slightly insane?
  50. Carrie Pillby
    (Village East: $15) Also kinda boring but like it was fine.
  51. Colossal
    (Regal Union Sq: $16.45) Very good. Very fresh. Very funny. Very poignant on the fragility of masculinity.)
  52. Little Boxes
    (Village East: $15) Now I know being surprised by a Q&A is extremely embarrassing, because you're caught trying to leave and he director is blocking the door and you have to slink back to your seat.
  53. Total Movies Seen: 37
  54. Total Retail Value: $556.26
  55. Now it's over. And I'm lost. Plz help.