Signs of Weakness in the Scales Clan

Inspired by @mackenzieo
  1. Eating less than three donuts at a time.
  2. Being in the rear on a family hike.
  3. Failing to grasp an Arrested Development reference.
  4. Losing in Catan.
    This does not please the Settlers.
  5. Giving up your Netflix session when too many users are trying to access the account.
  6. Broken bones.
    0/6 family members have ever broken anything. This is because we were "built for the fields" as our Matriarch Grandma Julie has pointed out.
  7. Quitting a sports team.
    We don't care if you don't get enjoyment from the sport. You leave when the team forces you out.
  8. Ordering a small of anything at any food establishment.