1. For background, I'm brand loyal to Clarks shoes.
  2. They're comfortable, durable, and sometimes stylish.
  3. However I treat everything I own with reckless abandon.
  4. Exhibit A
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  5. Stains:
  6. Mud
  7. Grease
  8. Beer
  9. Sex on the Beach
  10. Bar Floor Grime
  11. Steak and Shake Cheese Sauce
  12. Then I wiped them off and vowed to never wear them out again.
  13. Cut to last night, I allow this to happen.
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  14. Stains:
  15. Sidewalk Salt
  16. Gutter Water
  17. Hawaiian Punch
  18. Something light gray like concrete mix??
  19. Long Island Iced Tea
  20. Regret
  21. Sadness
  22. Ignorance