A live listing. All points are word for word quotes. @brynelle
  1. Immediate laughter.
    Because space is funny.
  2. Who is this woman?! She's on Nashville. She had to leave when she killed a man.
  3. Oh shit.
    When comets hit.
  4. Oh dayum!
    When superman shows up.
  5. Cousins huh?
    When superman grabs supergirl's hand.
  6. Are they trying to make her unattractive?
    When she wears glasses.
  7. Oh man.
    When Jeremy Jordan shows up.
  8. Hot dayum!
    When the other half of the love triangle shows up. His name is Jimmy.
  9. She's having a stroke.
  10. Jimmy's kinda old.
  11. Hot dayum.
    This one was about the plane crash.
  12. I do believe this is called acting.
    After an emotional moment.
  13. Is my phone on the couch?
  14. I can't believe she's about to tell Winn. That's reckless.
  15. What the heck? That's so vague.
    In response to the line "I'm not gay. I'm her."
  16. Is this alien guy Indian?
  17. Oh shit. These things are happening so fast.
  18. More laughter.
    Anytime Supergirl flies or fights.
  19. Woah. What a turn!
  20. Her name was Sadie Star on Nashville. She was on Reyna's label, but then she killed a man.
  21. He's holding an ax. Why is he punching her?
  22. Oh shit.
  23. Oh shit.
  24. Ugh.
    Alex talking to the captain.
  25. She's nipping so hard.
  26. Jeremy Jordan's brand is collared shirt with a cardigan over it.
  27. Jeremy Jordan did not get enough screen time.
  28. Oh is this it? Oh, God.