By this week I mean the week I meant to post this. (3 weeks ago)
  1. They have the most powerful toilets in the world. The entire bathroom is a splash zone.
  2. You can never know if a door is push or pull. You just have to throw your whole weight against it both ways like a fool.
  3. All food is good and generously portioned. Eat often.
  4. The Acropolis has got views.
    Don't try to do a bitchin' handstand in front of it though or you'll be chastised for disrespecting the temple.
  5. Some British lord/dick stole a bunch of the Acropolis in the middle of the night, then the British Museum bought it, and now they're refusing to give it back like total douches.
    They own more of the external Acropolis friezes than the Acropolis museum?!? Really?
  6. The 2004 Olympic Games really screwed over the people here.
    Those are the first games I can remember watching and being mesmerized by. Strange to think about the lasting impact of ephemeral entertainment.
  7. 17km doesn't equal 5 miles.
    Learned this on a hike I was ill prepared for.
  8. "The town is a 3 hour walk away" means the town is a 3 hour walk away.
    Another hike I was ill prepared for. A crescent shaped island can make one end look closer than it really is from the other end.
  9. Santorini is low key overrated and Crete is where it's at.
    100% personal opinion. But if you're going to Santorini, be prepared to fight through hoards of tourists. If you're going to Crete, be prepared to have a blast and eat amazing local food.
  10. Mountain goats are pretty friendly.
    (Samaria Gorge: the 17k hike)