Underrated Netflix Selections

Honestly some of these might be really popular and I'm just out of the loop. Also looking for suggestions!
  1. The Imposter
    You can't talk about this movie with people who haven't seen it. Just watch.
  2. Welcome to Me
    Give me all the Kristen Wiig.
  3. Comet
    Yes Justin Long. Yes cinematography.
  4. DOPE
    Yeah it's popular but NOT POPULAR ENOUGH.
  5. The Short Game
    Such a fun documentary.
  6. Bo Burnham
    What and Make Happy
  7. Peaky Blinders
  8. Stuck in Love
    Probably popular,idk. Good movie.
  9. In the Loop
    Underrated in America.
  10. In Your Eyes
    Light science fiction is my new thing I think.
  11. Across the Universe
    Beatles musical
    Suggested by   @biancasanchez
  12. Twinsters
    This is another fun documentary and so heartwarming!
    Suggested by   @naomistarr