Requested by The Steve

Unforgettable Forgotten Nick Gas Programs

Nickelodeon Games and Sports was my go-to channel ages 7-13, until it was rudely replaced by 24 hours of The N. Thanks @TheSteve for bringing back some solid memories.
  1. Legends of the Hidden Temple
    Starting with the greatest program. Boy/girl pairs competed in three stages of physical and mental games to win a chance to run through the temple and retrieve the ancient object without being snatched by the tribal child abductors. I strongly identified with the Silver Snakes, as they always seemed like they were there to win. I still wonder about why it was so hard to build that damn golden monkey.
  2. Guts
    This is a show for athletes. Three kids compete against each other in sports challenges, culminating in the race on the Aggro Crag. Winners usually got like dirt bikes and stuff. They really like water challenges and things that involved bungee ropes. There was a spinoff Global Guts which was the same except the kids had accents.
  3. Finders Keepers
    The first round was trivia, then whoever got more points won chances to look through cluttered rooms for certain objects. They got to just throw shit everywhere. It seemed like a dream come true. Common prizes: encyclopedia sets.
  4. Figure It Out
    Our favorite Nickelodeon celebrities (Kenan and Kel) would try to guess the hidden talent of the young guest. For example, "I train ferrets to tie shoelaces." They would get slimed and fun was had by all.
  5. Rocket Power
    While I might have come for the game shows, my true love was the Rocket gang. Otto, Reggie, TWISTER!!! and Sam were always doing cool sporty stuff and I wanted to be them so bad. No shoobies allowed. Sometimes I still find myself humming, "We are riders, on a mission..."
  6. Nick Arcade
    One of the less remembered gems, the winners of the trivia round had to compete in a virtual reality arcade game, where they were crawling around a green screen but the viewer saw the whole version with graphics and stuff. They collected items and had to avoid monsters. Please YouTube it. This is what I imagine Spielberg's adaptation of "Ready Player One" will be.
  7. You're On!
    Like Candid Camera in that kids have to convince people to do embarrassing tasks so they can win camping equipment or the Holy Grail trip to Space Camp. I was never that into it because kids are awkward with strangers, so the whole premise was destined to fail.
  8. Family Double Dare
    The family competition show. Marc Summers hosted. I remembered the huge mouth thing with the whipped cream that people had to slide through. What was up with that?
  9. Scaredy Camp
    Saved the best for last. Teams of two competed against each other to solve the mysteries of the summer camp they were staying at. I remember that whatever team lost the physical challenge had to be separated in the woods at night and find each other with walkietalkies. They would pump in scary sounds and have people run around the background dressed as ghosts. This show was the shit. I still miss it.