1. Checked my list feed
  2. Read People magazine sexiest man alive issue
    Should've been Michael B. but Beckham is okay for a dad
  3. Tried on every pair of Ray Bans they have
  4. Called my mom in front of the assistant and pretended that's she's my boss who's mad I'm not at work yet
    She actually is my boss but I'm the one who's mad I'm not at work yet.
  5. Snapchatted everyone I know
  6. Got my pupillary distance measured because I'm creeping some Warby Parker shades right now
  7. Got shade thrown at me for not buying frames at their place
  8. Explained to the assistant that Warby Parker is trendier and cheaper than the frames they sell
  9. Turned off the lights in my testing room
  10. Laid down on the floor and closed my eyes
  11. Did a routine of leg stretches
  12. Scrolled AV Club for 20 minutes
  13. Composed this list
  14. Talked to another girl about how I'm late for work
  15. Got my eyes examined
    This was the last activity and took the least amount of time.