Yay YA!
  1. Important: seminal high school moments.
    I'm talking Prom, HoCo, graduation, etc. especially parties and dances. My high school didn't have dances so I can still dream poetically about their magic.
  2. Not Important: narration type.
    First person? Third person? I like them all.
  3. Important: character names.
    Quirky preferred. Cutesy abhorred. I like them to have memorable, uncommon names. Positive examples: Finch and Violet, Augustus and Hazel, Naila and Saif. Negative examples: Tris and Four.
  4. Semi-Important: genre.
    I like what I like. Romantic Comedy, Historical Fiction, Road Trip Books, Adventure, Mystery: you're in. Dystopian: rarely in. Fantasy, Melodrama: you're probably out.
  5. Not important: character gender.
  6. Important: character age.
    Sixteen is usually a hard cut off for me. I find it hard to relate to teens who can't drive.
  7. Important: reviews.
    I'm a busy young adult. I want to love every book I read. This means I'm referencing Goodreads, blogs, year end lists, and BookTube when perusing the library's catalogue.
  8. Not important: haterzz.
    I am 21 years old. I am a young adult.