Please binge now, @brynelle.
  1. What I Wore in London
  2. You Suck at Cooking
    Static Remember when we had that philosophy midterm? Yeah I watched this dudes whole channel the two days before that.
  3. The Marble Machine
  4. Bad Boys // Miss New Booty Mashup
    Static I'm including this because she wanted to watch it so bad and I wanted her to watch it by proxy.
  5. Lady Ghostbusters Trailer
    Static Can you confirm that this looks bad?
  6. Mermaids - SNL
    Static No. Friggin. Words.
  7. Silicon Valley Season 3 Trailer
    Static I know we saw some of it pre-Girls but ohmygod Richard is going through it.
  8. Bridget Jones's Baby Trailer
    Static You had to have known this was going to become a series of trailers. I probably send you one every week. But omg celeb cameo. And Patrick Dempsey but no HUGH GRANT. But Emma Thompson. I have FEEEELLLINNGSS about this trailer that we must discuss.