Texting was already amazing and then the group text came along.
  1. Balloon Bunch 👫👭
  2. Prosecco club
  3. All the petty squirrels
    We see ourselves more as petty squirrels than pretty girls.
  4. Coldemort's Death Eaters
    @noahsacks made a typo while texting and we loved it.
  5. Healthlife 2K16
  6. Dream team
  7. #twunksquad
    A parody of #kuntsquad, another group chat some friends are in.
  8. 🎈 Balloon betches 🎈
    All girls spinoff of balloon bunch where we mostly talked about our periods and birth control acquisition
  9. 💃💃💃
    Another all girls chat.
  10. Classpass
    Classpass is great and is even better when you and your friends coordinate schedules.
  11. Talking shit about everyone
    Post college save-the-world organization burnout meant we needed to talk some shit.
  12. The Edge of Reason
    Okay this one isn't real because my parents don't have iPhones but if they did, this would be our group text because Edgell puns never get old
  13. Put an 🍳 on it
    What food isn't improved with an egg?
  14. The Karate Christ
    Meant to be The Karate kids, a C got in the way and autocorrect did the rest. What a time to be alive !
    Suggested by @julimp92