1. @masuma @bookishclaire @shaynester we all read F&F recently--let's share our thoughts here!
  2. Spoiler alert below
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  4. What did everyone like most and least?
  5. Like most and least at the same time: the Greek chorus in brackets. Too much? Just enough? Can't decide.
    Suggested by @shaynester
  6. Yes great question. I liked the sense of foreshadowing they created at first but they lost their impact over time.
  7. My like most and least, also at the same time, is the writing. Most individual sentences are beautiful but they got distracting at points when the plot wasn't so strong.
  8. I agree about the writing. It was really beautiful and would have carried me even without a plot.
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  9. ... And actually, on the plot front. Did anyone else feel there was maybe... A bit too much of it? That both of these people had had a ridiculous amount of drama and horrible people in their lives?
    Like, the story with the baby brother was touching and heart breaking and I feel like it would have been enough even without the nasty grandmother and uncle? It almost maybe lost some of its impact because there was also so much other horrible stuff?
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  10. I really liked the writing as well, even though I had to read some sentences multiple times. The writing style felt really different from other books I've read - but in a good way.
    I also like how there were a lot of things in the first part of the book that just kind of 'happened' & then you find out in the second part that Mathilde was the one making them happen.
    Suggested by @helga