I use "muffin" to describe a very specific type of man.
  1. John Krasinski - Chocolate Chip Muffin
    No explanation needed it just works. He is the main muffin. King of the Muffins if you will.
  2. Chris Evans - Banana Nut Muffin
    Should be noted that I haven't seen any of his movies but I have watched nearly every interview that he's done, hence the photo of him at Jimmy Fallon.
  3. Andy Jones - Blueberry Muffin
    If you don't know who he is then I'm sorry for you, he is a precious angel with the voice and personality to match.
  4. Captain America @ Disneyland - Bran Muffin
    Just look at him. Seems like an all around great guy who loves puppies, America, and eating healthy (that's why he's a bran muffin). Can't say no to Girl Scouts selling cookies and would definitely help an old lady cross the street. *edit: I now realize that he's not a celebrity, but for the sake of the muffins he will remain on the list.
  5. Justin Bieber - Double Chocolate Muffin
    I am a new-found Belieber, he is so precious. If you think otherwise I suggest you watch the first and second volumes of "Carpool Karaoke" that he did with James Corden. I also heard him use the word knucklehead in an interview recently which really pushed him over the edge. Also his new album is 🤑🤑🤑/🤗