1. Hunter S. Thompson (at least two).
  2. Something really clever and punny (eg. Paradigm Shift, Holy Cow, Oh Dear, etc.)
  3. Wes Anderson character (at least four).
  4. Ghost.
  5. Wednesday Adams (at least six).
  6. Rosie the Riveter.
  7. Someone making a comment on university admin/governance.
  8. Someone making a comment on Canadian politics.
  9. At least three people in some kind of cape/robe.
  10. Jesus.
  11. JBG in something skintight.
  12. Someone making a comment on American politics.
  13. Cat (at least ten).
  14. The "no costume" dickbag (four to thirty).
  15. The 'wrong holiday' (eg. Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)
  16. Waldo (yes, we found him (yes, all eight of him)).
  17. The first year white boy wearing as little actual clothing as he possibly can.
  18. The NSCAD student wearing something obscure but kickass.