My secrets 5/14/16

  1. I really dont care if they move out. (My parents or the renters)
  2. No, actually it would be nice if my parents moved into the rental.
  3. I lied. I told the client 10am not 11. They were an hour late. Just didn't want to tell husband they were the late ones.
    They picked Up the cake and it was perfect. But overnight managed to hit it and asked me to come in early morning to repair it for them. I HATE going in on sat.
  4. How do you say no??
  5. Well actually I like going in. But husband gets mad if he's alone with all 4 kids.
  6. I know mom smoked today. Even if she hid it.
  7. I spent the $20 I made on cake pops on KFC.
  8. I honestly wish I didn't spend that $20 on the Xbox game. They will never play.