Sometimes I think I'm brilliant and hilarious. Other times I'm just stupid. @mindy can be the judge.
  1. House of Tookers: the next generation
    Mindy joins a mommies in STEM group seeking female friends. She meets a woman (professor) with a young child who has many characteristics that seem familiar. Morgan joins group because, duh, mindy's his best friend. Prof notices similarities between Morgan & child. Turns out, Morgan donated sperm for $ to sperm bank where Beverly worked, Bev mixed up samples b/c she's Beverly, so prof ended up with Morgan's child (b/c who would choose Morgan's sperm & powerful women can have kids on their own).
  2. Klepto patient
    Mindy does a pelvic exam on a kleptomaniac patient who stores the things she steals up her vagina. During exam, Mindy keeps pulling out a random assortment of stolen/hoarded goods, 1 of which is one of those magician hankies that never ends. Camera angle is the patient's POV, and we see Mindy's WTF face as she continues to pull stuff out of the patient.
  3. Danny Castellano is my baby daddy
    Originally envisioned as the title of the episode in which Leo was born (C is for Coward) but now must serve other means.
  4. Danny and Mindy (part 2)
    Pastor Casey comes back and marries Danny and Mindy. Possibly on the Empire State Building, possibly on a plane.
  5. Danny dresses up
    Mindy forces Danny to dress in a matching outfit with her and Leo. Danny is grumpy. Mindy does the thing she hates the most as recompense.