1. Jog for 15 minutes a day for week
  2. Walk if you need
  3. Run for 20 minutes a day for a week
  4. If you get slower take a day off
  5. Run for 30 minutes a day until you make a 5k
  6. If you have a smart watch monitor your heartbeat- stay in the target range
  7. Start tracking your 5k time with a app
  8. Runkeeper, Strava, or Runtasic
  9. When you get below 28 minutes run a race
  10. After a few months do a long run
  11. A long run is 10k with water
  12. A long can be as far as you can go before you just can't go anymore
  13. You can always uber back home haha
  14. Find others to run with
  15. Find cool places to run
  16. Do hiking to built strength