(acting skills and freaky behaviors aside)
  1. 10. Natalie Wood - oh that sweet look of naughty innocence
  2. 9. Gene Tierney - A beauty all the way through, especially when she speaks.
  3. 8. Winona Ryder - When she's not all weirded out, she is super hot!! It's those big brown eyes.
  4. 7. Charlize Theron - she has such an approachable smile. Makes me think even a guy like me has a chance.
  5. 6. Sela Ward - a classic kind of elegant beauty.
  6. 5. Halle Berry - she's even beautiful when she's trying not to be. And that body?????? Oh yeah!!
  7. 4. Farrah Fawcett - Anybody that watched her in the 70s and 80s knows what I'm talking about.
  8. 3. Natalie Portman - she's just simply YUMMY!!!!!!
  9. 2. Kathryn Zeta Jones - it's the complete package here. Eloquence and yet touched with a smidgen of devilish seductiveness. How horrible it must be to wake up next to her?? Not!!
  10. And finally the hottest of all time.... #1. Raquel Welch - Hell, she's 75 and is still more beautiful than 80% of the world. Her high cheek bones, delicious lips and bedroom eyes.....and of course a figure that embarrassed hour glasses. She is still my número uno!
  11. There are so many beautiful women, this could change a little here or a little there tomorrow. But for now, they are my top ten. Them, and my sweetheart at home. Man, I love being a man!