Saturday, May 14th, 2016 Melissa and James get married and I was given the honor of officiating the wedding. I first became ordained back in 2006 for my radio gig at the time and since have married off 7 couples. This will be my first with two people I do not know...wanna follow my day with them?
  1. Asked to perform
    The father of the bride is a coworker, great guy. When someone as kind as this man is asking for a favor, you do it.
  2. Meet the happy couple
    I got a chance to meet the couple about a month and a half ago in the mall food court...they were very laid back and I was excited that they seemed to be relaxed, at least on the surface. I ran over a service with them and they seemed to like every word. Easy!
  3. The day approaches
    I had started to plan an extended business trip in Denver. The gf would be arriving a few days after and we would kick back for the weekend. As we were about to set the plan in motion she remembered I was committed to this wedding previously. I swear I am the absolute worst at keeping track of my own schedule. I fly back home the Thursday prior to the wedding and get a good night's sleep for work on Friday day.
  4. The rehearsal dinner
    The rehearsal dinner was in a nice restaurant where there was an entire lower room that was held for the couple, their closest loved ones and yours truely. Brother of the bride missing but not out of communication. He is expected in town on Saturday morning. We get the pacing down and enjoy food and a beer and then the gf and I left to...
  5. Freaking Rob Zombie concert!
    Yes, we left from the rehearsal dinner straight to a Rob Zombie concert in a field in Council Bluffs, IA. It was nice and freezing but Rob rocks as always.
  6. Wedding eve
    A lot has to happen on wedding eve. While the bride and groom worry about every detail of the big day, i am rehearsing my service, steaming out any wrinkles left in my suit, rehearsing my service 7-12 more times...then bed.
  7. Wake up, its wedding day!
    So after getting a good nights sleep it is important to time out your morning so that you do not get suited up too early, risking a wrinkled suit on arrival. The great debate going on in my head all morning was to wear the Captain America cufflinks or not, if it was a couple i knew better, the choice would have been easy. I went with no cufflinks and the day wasnt effected in any way, except i felt less cool.
  8. You can call me Bond...Bam Bond
    Yes, every guy feels a little like James Bond when suited up...every time.
  9. Arrive at the venue
    The space is an awesome space downtown that i had never heard of. An old furniture manufacturer turned event space. Very cool. The place is buzzing with activity and the special nervous tension you only get before a wedding. Bride worried about the last detail, groom sweating bullets. All positive energy though. (The Living Room, for all you Omaha brides to be)
  10. Time to get the show on the road
    Once the attendees have taken their seats and the music begins, we start the big day. I make my way to the front of the house, book in hand. The groom ushers in parents and takes his place next to me. He is all smiles and it is obvious hes a bit nervouse but I assure him I will take care of him. The rest of the wedding party follows and takes their place, each groomsman getting a huge hug and a kiss from the groom, it was fun to watch.
  11. Get up off your feet!
    The bride is on her way down with her father. It may be cliche but it really is the show stopper part of the ceremony, every time. From my position, I also get the unique perspective of the groom. The enormity of the moment is not lost on him as he almost takes a half step back into a part of the decorations, but as I said, i took care of him and got him set back where he needed to be :)
  12. Get to the point
    That is how I have always felt about weddings i have been to and this couple must have felt the same. My ceremony was short and sweet...beginning to end at about 15 mins, give or take. The couple did their own vows, they exchanged rings, i told them a little pda was ok in the moment, and it was over! Another wedding done, two lives merged into one.
  13. The waiting is the hardest part
    After the ceremony, we signed the wedding certificate and the party was on the bus for some much needed stress release. The gf and I then toured around the space, it was also home to many small businesses. The space really is quite amazing. We enjoyed a couple of beverages and waited, and waited. The other weddings ive done have all been for close friends, so im usually on the bus, has it always taken that long when we were out? :)
  14. They are here!
    Yes, it always takes that long, even if I'm on the bus and it never seems that long :) They announce the party and then the new mr. and mrs. to a warm round of applause and we begin with speeches. I'm taking notes at all weddings on these speeches since i will be best man in my sisters wedding this fall.
  15. Drop the mic...
    NEVER drop a microphone! The brides little brother did a speech that was great. It was filled with special moments and laughter and the room really enjoyed it. The only problem i had the entire reception was that he literally dropped the mic! Being an old radio guy, my heart stopped! Do you know what that does to the equipment?!? Don't worry, i got over it as soon as i remembered it wasn't my equipment haha.
  16. So full
    Dinner was great, the wine was great, the cupcakes were great. The families were the greatest though. The brides grandmother being one of my favorite characters all day, what a sweetheart. Alas, i had to leave and she was on the hunt for a nice young man to rope into marriage herself. :)
  17. Getting out of the suit
    Always seems faster taking off a suit than putting it on. Back to jeans, a hoodie and a to a bonfire!
  18. $200 sip
    The bonfire was at a friend of the gf's new house where they broke out some dom to celebrate the house. A bit of vinegar taste but overall not bad. I will stick to cheap wine :)
  19. End of the day
    Now it's time to head to bed. I wish the new couple nothing but the best. It was an honor to be part of such a social day for these two.