Unimportant Highlights of the Week (week of May 23rd)

a quick rundown of this weeks headlines in the mind of yours truly...
  1. Monday
    *Back to eating right *Back to working out *Back to hating eating right and working out *Booked my next conference for work...Long Beach in June...not bad! *The phrase "hold the door" will forevermore hurt just a little bit
  2. Tuesday
    *I can't believe it's lil B's last day of 4th grade *GF comes over to enjoy inkmaster finally *Guy who can't finish a tattoo wins...BS! * @midnight stars Fozzie Bear!!!
  3. Wednesday
    *Childhood ruined and I'm heart broken as Captain America utters the words "Hail Hydra" :(
  4. Thursday
    *Trump says he will debate Sanders! *Sanders says "Hell Yes!" or something close * #feelthebern *Baylor football is wretched *Buy beerfest vip tix for Aug. at Werner Park to make myself feel better about Capt. America *Invite for VanDammege night recieved and RSVP'd...CHARM! *Phone calls with mom drain the battery hardcore *GF needs pick-me-up...cookies seem to work
  5. Friday
    *My own gentle giant, Roy, is visiting from CO today *Grand opening of new infusion tap room *Out of work a little early *Lucky Buckets taproom is awesome now, great renovations *Trump backs out cause hes a b!t×h *Buttercup joined us too...like the good ol days
  6. Saturday
    *Lil B is heading to Disney *GF made me do brunch *Looked for a dog at the Humane Society, no luck...apts should allow any and all breeds *Made GF start Game of Thrones *Piles of laundry
  7. Sunday
    *Sleep! Finally hit 8hrs of Z's this week *Bought stuff that resembles food but doesnt exactly taste like it...dieting sucks *Wasted part of my day watching Fantastic 4 *Stopped by the 'rents house, cause I'm a good son *The gentle giant, Roy, dropped off a box of CO beer for me *Thinking of a new tattoo *Game of Thrones...not as good as last weeks *Overall, I was a lazy pile
  8. Monday (because it's Memorial Day, still counts as the weekend)
    *Didn't accomplish much *Thankful for all those who paid the ultimate price for us to live our lives here in the USA *Missed out on the beer, burgers and brats...damn this diet! *Lots of Shark Tank today *Back to work in just a few hours