Currently living the struggle.
  1. Chocolate fudgey ice cream
    I should be a doctor!!!!
  2. "Manspreading"
    Sitting like this is very nice and feels good and I understand why it was a fad a couple months ago whenever I have my period.
  3. Popping a zit
    Draw the attention away from your aching uterus and focus on that zit you got a few days ago! It's like when you have a mosquito bite you're supposed to itch somewhere else!
  4. Camel pose
    It works trust me it just does
  5. Complaining to your best friend for only 1 min
    It really does make the cramps feel better, extra points if you have a friend that makes a helpful suggestion ab how you should really switch your birth control. 1 min tops though bc you do this every month.
  6. Catching up on SYTYCD
    Do the dancers ever get cramps? Do they ever eat fudgey ice cream?