My mom and I got tickets to the new tapas menu at next and it was hands down the best meal I've ever had.
  1. 8 courses can't wait!
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  2. Wow. Such a tease! They laid all 8 course out in front, we started with the olives!
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  3. Hummus in a cardboard box?! Just when I thought I saw everything Next went and did it again!!
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  4. Rosemary crackers with "cheese" dear god have I died and gone to heaven?
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  5. We splurged and opted for the wine pairing! It tasted the same for each course, but what do I know?!
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  6. Another shot of that sweet sweet "cheese"
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  7. More hummus? Yes please!!
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  8. They put the wine on our table "on ice" how nice!
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  9. The dessert was UNREAL. Dark chocolate, are we eating like kings or what.
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  10. There was turbulence so my mom had to drink wine with a straw. We never got to go to Next 😥 but my sister and her fiancé said it was "so good".
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