This show is so fucking good.
  1. Mary chases down more sugar pills with white wine and does a naked dance in front of the window--dance gets intense and she falls out into the pool, she walks out of the pool covered in blood shouting "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED AMERICA?! I AM JESUS!"
  2. Quinn smiles, is genuinely happy.
  3. Rachel masturbates in a real bed.
    Not a dirty truck.
  4. Faith grows 3 ft taller and develops hooves, grows tail.
    Becomes actual horse person.
  5. Cromwell is forced to have sex with another random woman we only see for one episode what even was that guys.
  6. The cast of Entourage stops by to say "Hello".
  7. Fancier sandwiches appear at craft services table.
  8. Rihanna guest stars
    As herself
    Suggested by @alexandrafiber