I had to read The Sun Also Rises for my English class and I'm still mad.
  1. Women
    Everyone is either a prostitute, unhappily married, or crazy. People make fun of them for being either too feminine or not feminine enough. Ernest thinks it's cool and edgy that he buys a prostitute dinner in chapter 2 but guess what? It's not.
  2. Loneliness
    Ernest Hemingway thinks being lonely is this profound thing that only happens to men who were in The War and don't know what to do with themselves afterwards. And they solve this problem by hating women and wandering around Europe in search of Absinthe to wash down breakfast with.
  3. Racism
    The line "it's enough to make a man want to join the Klan" pretty much sums it up.
  4. Sentence Structure
    Run-on sentences are boring and pointless and annoying and exhausting and hard to read and in poor taste.