David Ladyman in the Wing Commander Universe

In honor of the Space Traders Kickstarter launch, I present... the top five David Ladyman references in the Wing Commander canon! Back Star Traders here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/239709734/star-traders
  1. As a F/A-57 Sabre heavy attack fighter pilot! In the losing mission of Special Operations 1's third series, you are sent to rescue Ghorah Khar space forces commander Colonel Marnier... and her wingman, Ladyman!
  2. As a quadrant of space! The Ladyman Quadrant is located in the Hawking Sector, on the far spinward edge of the Terran Confederation. Bonus: Ladyman is home to the David System! Map included with Wing Commander Prophecy.
  3. ... and again as editor of Victory Streak, onboard magazine of the TCS Victory (CV-40)! (That's August 9, 2669.) That's the manual for Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.
  4. As the editor of the CDATANET, as accessed by 2nd Lt. Blair in 2654! (Along with some other familiar names!) Found in the credits of the Wing Commander movie's technical manual, the Confederation Handbook.
  5. As part of The Wrecking Crew. Okay, this bio from the Wing Commander Armada Playtester's Guide isn't really in-canon... but it's still pretty neat!