Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

Katie B: in a list (sorta)
  1. Smiley
    I smile a lot. 87% because I'm generally happy and 10% because I'm disguising the fact that I'm annoyed and 3% because I have no idea what's going on
  2. Tall
    Im a tall broad. An Amazon. So was Wonder Woman.
  3. Optimist
    While I think Charlotte is the most annoying character from Sex and the City, I am an eternal optimist like her and believe in love and good for all.
  4. Sleepy
    Not an early bird-not a night owl-just some form of permanently exhausted pigeon
  5. Scattered
    My thoughts jump ship way too soon & I often find myself in the hole that Alice fell in
  6. Wannabe
    A perpetual wannabe-comedian, romantic, fashionista, sophisticated...All things I long to be