Inspired by @Gola
  1. Making coffee
    I've dabbled in cold-brew so I consider that intermediate barista level.
  2. Sports
    I am physically capable of running, jumping, catching, etc.
  3. Painting
    I've made many-a stroke of the brush
  4. Academics
    I have a running joke with my class mates that I love a good double snowman 88.
  5. Gauging people's comfort levels
    I'm actually better than okay at this
  6. Spelling
    Back2Back champ in 2nd & 3rd grade woot.
  7. Catching things with my feet when I drop them with my hands.
    Also better than okay at this.
  8. Clothing style
    I may be worse than okay on this but if I admit my flaw doesn't that make it "my style"?
  9. Snapchat story
    My motto is "only post if it's worth everybody's time". That applies to about 3% of my friends snapchat stories.
  10. Other Social media
    Modest follower numbers
  11. Making sandwiches
  12. Dentistry
    I plan on this to change from 'okay' in the near future to 'savant'
  13. Vocabulary
    I love words like venerable, tangential, and apprise so that I can use them in a sentence to sound douchy
  14. Making lists
    Which is why I don't feel like thinking of a 15th