1. Given a cat a bath.
    No matter how allergic you are this is a bad idea.
  2. Bought a burrito out of a bucket off of an old woman at 7 am on a beach in Mexico.
    True. I did stupider thing on Spring Break, but this made me the sickest. On a positive note, I actually threw up on someone's shoes. So…bucket list.
  3. Left handed glass blowing.
    Let me just tell you - this art form is for righties.
  4. Went to a nude beach.
    Okay - sounds like a great adventure right. But know this: the only people that feel comfortable with being nude on a beach are the very people you never ever want to see nude. My eyes still burn.
  5. Climb to the top of a Mayan temple.
    Sure the view is amazing but you have to CLIMB BACK DOWN. they didn't believe in handrails when they built it. And for all we know - they didn't even go up there themselves. If the Mayan spirits still walk the earth I know that they were watching me scoot down on my butt thinking "Why did she want to see our pigeon coop?"