First one is : The new Chobani yogurt one one side with the crunchy sweet things on the other side!
  1. Not all guilty pleasures are sweet treats!
  2. Spending a few minutes here and there writing on my blog... It's a parenting/product review/ life in our household blog.
  3. Posting pics on Instagram ! I love food pics when the family eats out, though the pics are usually of my food only.
  4. Having a few minutes to read a book or some email!
  5. Watching mini-series during the summer, like Containment or Zoo!
  6. Going to a movie with my 17 yr old son, we still get to do the mom and boy ( though almost adult!) stuff together! He always tells me not to talk to him during the movie, though!
  7. Watching wild birds come to our bird feeders!
  8. Spending time with our pet birds!