Things that I say to my birds on a daily basis

I have 4 birds: one Senegal parrot named Trouble, a Quaker parrot named Macy, a peach-faced lovebird named Shrek ( our son named him), and a Timneh African Grey named Poppet.
  1. Trouble Bubble bubbly bubby. Sweetie.
  2. Shrek SpongeBob —- yes, you saw SpongeBob, that is the middle name that our son have him.
  3. Little one, what are you doing? Don't poop on me! ( my response to Shrek when he decided to poop on my tshirt!) Go poo before you come out of your cage!
  4. Macy, let's sing Soft Kitty!
    I end up singing Soft Kitty to her, and she keeps repeating "soft"!
  5. Poppet, Poppy. Happy bird , happy girl!