(I'll see if I can name 10 - maybe I'll get to more!)
  1. A lot more people like reading than I ever imagined 🤓
    I was always such a lonely bookworm 🐛
  2. The world is full of lovely people
    This is part of the reason I'm glad li.st hasn't gained mass popularity... it's a community of mostly lovely people and honestly if I wanted to see the opinions of non-lovely people I just had to log in to Facebook 🤷🏼‍♀️
  3. The concepts of heteronormativity and a culture of monogamy and that those can be detrimental.
    Someone wrote a really good list about this and it really spoke to me.
  4. The value of sharing experiences
    Abortion, miscarriages, polyamory, mental illness... as soon as you start sharing, you realise how very NOT alone you are.
  5. International shipping is expensive but people love doing it 😜
    Listbet and Secret Santas, I'm looking at you.
  6. Change sucks
    Okay jokes but really, if you like an app a whole lot you tend to stay with it even when developers *cough cough* *side-eye* make big unsolicited changes.
  7. We are all crazy cat-ladies! 😻🐱