Inspired by @Heartsounds
  1. Painting my nails
    Never mind my dominant hand... I can't even do my non-dominant hand nicely.
  2. Cooking
    I can follow a recipe, but I don't have any intuition when it comes to ingredients and cooking. I like baking because it's a bit more predictable.
  3. Running
    But I still do it! I ran my first marathon this year, and then an ultra marathon of 56km. I was abysmal but it's good for me.
  4. Fashion
    I just don't have the intuition. I copy my younger sister and so manage to camouflage my ineptitude.
  5. Swimming
    I'm trying it as a form of cross-training and I look like a drowning bird every time.
  6. Studying
    This is new for me. In high school I was great at studying, but since university that's changed 180 degrees.
  7. Dancing
    Rhythm. I don't have it.
  8. Pharmacology
    I just don't see the point in memorising things that are always changing and that I can look up in less than a minute.
  9. Being tidy
    I have to clean my room properly once every two weeks because I'm unable to KEEP it tidy.
  10. Talking on the phone
    Text me damnit. Phone calls are so awkward.
  11. Listening to voice messages
    I'm always scared it's a nasty voicemail. I don't know why.
  12. Being on time
    I'm late so often. No matter how early I wake up.
  13. Making time to do new things
    I want to learn French, for example, and have a bunch of apps to help. Do I use it? Nooooo.
  14. Meeting new people/networking
    I'm so awkward at large gatherings.
  15. Any sport involving a ball
    Hand-eye coordination = zero.