We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa but whatever k. 🤓💉
  1. For not being a student anymore
  2. For veins that don't roll
  3. For ARVs that time I got a needle stick
  4. For N95 TB masks
  5. For golden weekends
  6. For double-gloving
  7. For free medical apps
  8. For free treatment guidelines
  9. For nurses who don't call you in the middle of the night just to re-site an IV
  10. For little old ladies and little old men who are ever so appreciative of everything you do
  11. For any amount of sleep on a 24-hour call
  12. For parents who bring you dinner when you're on call
  13. For paychecks that somehow still arrive every month despite your government health department ostensibly being in arrears
  14. For successful code blues
  15. For patients you never thought would survive, surviving
  16. For pharmacists calling to advise on a treatment regimen because they care about their patients too
  17. For paramedics giving you a high-five in the middle of the night. Camaraderie.
  18. For that odd hour at night when everything becomes hilarious
  19. For mid-call candy-runs
  20. For compression socks
  21. For hot post-call showers
  22. For technicians and occupational therapists and physiotherapists and dieticians and speech therapists and everyone who makes healthcare a team effort
  23. For physicians who don't bill other physicians for their service
  24. For consultants who teach new procedures patiently
  25. For pudgy babies who hug and babble and just make you happy
  26. For high schoolers who job-shadow and remind you how cool your job is