1. I was on call for the surgical service this New Year's Day (and night - 24 hours)
  2. This is well known to be probably the most difficult shift an intern can work.
  3. Only thee of our patients were non-traumatic.
  4. Of which one was sent as "query appendicitis" and was actually an uncomplicated cystitis... Grrrrr!
  5. An 86-year-old man had massive massive massive bowel obstruction.
    He actually responded well to conservative "drip-and-suck"; which is good because he had loads of surgical comorbidities.
  6. Now for the "fun" stuff:
  7. Six stabbed abdomens all requiring surgery...
  8. Of which two had huuuuuge bowel eviscerations. They hardly required any cutting during surgery, the stabs were that thorough.
  9. One man stabbed HIMSELF 13 times in the abdomen and 7 times in the chest.
    Known alcoholic with psychiatric issues... And some withdrawal.
  10. Five stabbed chests, of which two penetrated the diaphragm, requiring surgery.
  11. Two stabbed backs, of which one had an ureteric injury.
  12. One woman was assaulted, throttled, and doused in boiling water.
    For some reason this was the most traumatic, for me.
  13. One gunshot wound to abdomen and femur
    His ileum was perforated in maybe ten places.
  14. Four MVAs
  15. One of the MVAs was a big polytrauma. His pelvis was SHATTERED - like, broken in five pieces. Somehow he didn't have a head injury.
    We took him to theatre as he had so much free fluid in his abdomen. He had liver and spleen lacerations, and some serosal tears. No bladder rupture but probably a urethral injury.
  16. We also had some DOAs 😔
  17. And four head injuries secondary to assault.
  18. One paint-ingestion...
  19. One infant burnt accidentally by hot bath water...
  20. Three crush syndromes after community assault...
  21. Two vascular injuries to arms after falling on empty glass bottles (while inebriated)
  22. And one near-drowning.
  23. It was a rough rough rough night.