This is me being mostly materialistic. Secret Santa are you out there? ☺️ (cc @ChrisK)
  1. Halloween 👻🎃
    I so loved dressing up as a kid, Halloween would have been the bomb. And chocolate! It's starting to catch on slowly here, but apparently it doesn't make sense to have it in October by us because it's Spring here then.
  2. Reese's and Hersheys everything 😚
    We get them here, but they're imported and crazy expensive. Also the holiday-themed ones! We don't get those here.
  3. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 🍧
    So awesome. I was abroad on my birthday in 2013 and my cabin-mates gave me a pint of Ben & Jerry as a gift. I finished it all by myself. 🙃
  4. Candy corn
    I had them once and they tasted funny but also kind of good??
  5. White chocolate covered oreos
    We only have normal oreos! I tasted the white-choc ones in Morocco of all places and I don't understand why we don't have 'em. Considering trying to make them myself.
  6. FrootLoops
    Again, we get them imported so = expensive. There is currently a limited number locally produced in stores: I think they're trying to see if there is a market for it. So I'm buying it allllll!
  7. Book Expo America 📚
    One word: envy.
  8. American iTunes store 🎧
    It's ridiculous how much you miss out on when you have an iTunes store from a less-well known country. The ebook selection is especially appalling.
  9. White Christmas ❄️☃🎅🏽
    I looooove my summery Christmas, but I look forward to experiencing a white Christmas at least once.