1. I know it's the done thing but I'm not a fan of the thing where the man goes to the woman's parents and asks "for her hand in marriage."
  2. Like, they don't own me?
  3. And they're so different than me.
  4. And yes they've brought me this far and I'm grateful that I have them as my parents, but NO, I don't think they should make this decision for me?
  5. Ideally I would want the two of us to discuss it with the two of them. And get their blessing, together.
  6. My parents are very traditional. My dad doesn't even like the idea of me keeping my name. And it's his name!! Shouldn't he be proud that his daughter wants to keep his name???
  7. So will I have to concede this point? Maybe the "asking for her hand" is more for the parents' benefit than for the couple's.
  8. And the proposal.
  9. I ADORE proposal photos in theory. I love the joy they capture.
  10. But I do feel that I will have discussed marriage with my person and that it shouldn't be a surprise.
  11. And I don't want to be asked. I want to make a decision. Together.
  12. But a tiny part of me also wishes for a special surprise and a romantic event.
  13. Even though I don't feel romantic at all.
  14. FFS. Can't I just be like everyone else, for once?