1. Family is his everything.
    He was orphaned at a young age and his older siblings were a big part of his wellbeing thereafter.
  2. He has taught me a lot about people with disabilities.
    My dad has been legally blind since he was 9 y/o. He has done exceedingly well, and has taught me not just about ableism (before it was even really a word) but also about the importance of accessibility.
  3. He is working for free.
    My dad was a director in public health services for more than a decade. He recently took early retirement due to even further decline of his eyesight. Now he is working as an unpaid director for a local NPO that works with persons who have disabilities and their families.
  4. He is a poet.
    He wrote me a poem when I was born (#firstbornprivilege 😜). When I was a kid I discovered a whole box of his poetry. He took them away from me. I think maybe they were saucy 🙊🙈😳
  5. He is open to changing his opinion.
    We have some very intense arguments, and often disagree, but when given facts or a good rational argument he considers them seriously.
  6. He supports his kids endlessly.
    Once my friends told me that they saw him getting a little teary at an awards ceremony when I was on stage. Not surprising really because he has given us a lot of opportunities that he never had. Yet he has never "used" us to live his dreams.
  7. He is fair and accepting.
    One of the most important lessons from my childhood was to treat everybody - teachers, shop attendants, beggars - with the same respect and human regard.
  8. He taught me to change a tyre and wire a plug.
  9. He loves my mom.
    I never knew how lucky I was until I saw some of my friends' parents interact. My parents argue and disagree, but they respect one another.
  10. I'm going to stop there because I worry I won't be able to stop at all. ❤️