1. ...and jumping right in with a 24 hour call.
    Yes, I prisma. #sorrynotsorry my skin thinks it's still a teenager 🙄
  2. We have three new team members and they're really nice. We were actually all in the same graduating class so yay!
  3. I'm that person who walks past our charity shop and spontaneously buys this set 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Also just realised the books aren't in order in this pic and now I'm annoyed.
  4. Had the best coffee-chat with one of the new doctors about life/love/universe. She's gay, in a stable relationship, they're busy adopting a kid they've been fostering for two years...
    And it was just a very positive and welcome experience. I felt less weird/alone.
  5. 22h00: Ugh feeling irritable and weepy. Maybe just hungry.
  6. 02h00: snack time is my favourite time on call 🤤
  7. Heading home. 28 hours awake, 26 hours on call. Phew 😅
    No amount of prisma filters can help my post-call selfies 🤕😴 @julieann718 do I still look rested? 😝