Cuz it's my birthday!!!! (I think they're important - bite me 😁)
  1. First birthday: parents took me to a toy store and I latched onto a wagon with wooden blocks. I pushed it around and laughed so exuberantly that people from outside came inside to see what was going on.
    I also spent the day wearing the pink satin pajamas that my grandparents gave me and refused to take it off.
  2. Fourth birthday: Clown-themed birthday party. My youngest aunt (then 18) dressed up as a clown for me. Also, this was the day my little sister was conceived.
  3. Fifth birthday: Barbie themed party, complete with the whole doll-in-cake cake and everything.
  4. Sixth birthday: my cake was in the shape of a monkey and I'm not sure why. My mom always organised the best kiddy parties though. I have fond memories.
  5. Seventh birthday: two days before starting grade 1. I got my first ever wrist watch as a gift.
  6. Eighth birthday: my mother was heavily pregnant with my brother then. We went to a toy store and one of the things I chose was a Princess Diana doll.
  7. Tenth birthday: I was the new kid at school and decided to have a party anyway. I organised it myself and invited a bunch of kids I didn't even know. It was a raging success.
    This was also the first year that we made a "waffle cake", which has since become a tradition in our family.
  8. Twelfth birthday: disco party. Yes really. It was good fun. Partied with the friends who would become my bullies later that year but... Anyway.
  9. Thirteenth birthday: went to the beach with a few close friends. Cried my eyes out because my parents wouldn't let me go to a teenie-bopper rage. 🙈
  10. Fourteenth birthday: new kid at high school. Nobody knew it was my birthday - my mom cried.
  11. Sixteenth birthday: dance and pool party (my specialty). Had my eyebrows tweezed for the first time.
  12. Eighteenth birthday: another dance and pool party!
  13. Nineteenth birthday: first birthday away from home. Climbed Lion's Head in Cape Town with my new college friends. Watched the sunset and at brownies at the summit.
  14. Twentieth birthday: met with faculty for exam exemption so that I could go abroad during the following June for a Rotary program.
  15. Twenty-first birthday: celebrated thrice. Once with my family before the start if the new academic year. Then with my friends at a restaurant in Cape Town. Finally the following weekend my boyfriend flew me up to Johannesburg (we were long-distancing at the time).
  16. Twenty-second birthday: spent the day in the morgue dissecting people who had died violent deaths. I was rotating through Forensic Pathology at the time.
  17. Twenty-third: on the MV Explorer with Semester at Sea, somewhere between Hawai'i and Japan.
  18. Twenty-fourth: dog sick because I was taking antiretroviral treatment after getting a needlestick injury.
  19. Twenty-fifth: delivered babies all day.
  20. Twenty-sixth: that's today! Working in psychiatry.