1. SPORTS COACH GIRL: started chatting to her on HER last week Saturday. She invited me to coffee like an hour later. We had coffee for three hours. She walked me to my car and kissed me and it. Was. Amazing. I couldn't think straight for a few minutes afterwards and almost drove on the wrong side of the road.
    Then went to her house the next day and fell into bed with her. And the chemistry again: so great. She's 22 (😱), blonde, very surfer-girl looks, lean; VERY confident in bed. Fresh out of a relationship, also not looking for a relationship. We may continue hooking up, we also can keep a conversation going, but will not be having anything more serious than that.
    TL;DR: 40, attractive, great kisser but no chemistry. Glad I did not have sex with him. Also glad he respected my NO.
  3. THE MASTERS STUDENT: she's 26, doing a Master's degree in Public Administration at my alma mater. We've been chatting for weeeeks on HER. I drove through to visit my brother yesterday and met up with her for lunch.
    We had such a good time. We connected so well intellectually. And she's gooooorgeous. I don't know if we'll ever get physical, besides me finding her ridiculously attractive; but we're seeing each other again and will definitely stay in touch.
  4. THE COUPLE: it's 3AM on a work night and I've just come home from our second date. I don't actually want to write too much about them at this stage. I don't actually know where I'm at with this. Ironically it seems like they actually want something more serious, like a relationship... which I'm not sure I can offer.
  5. UPDATE: London Guy
    He's really too serious. Back in the UK but messaging me a lot, offering to fly me to him for the weekend... yeah no.
  6. UPDATE: The Couple
    So we're kind of in a friends-with-benefits-ship, I guess. And I like it. And I don't feel pressured into anything at all. I also don't feel used. None of us know where this is heading but the only proviso is complete honesty. And that's working well so far.