Inspired by @torrami again!
  1. Told my long-distance boyfriend I was studying when I went dancing.
    To be fair, he was very possessive and it wasn't a healthy relationship.
  2. Ate uncooked instant noodles as a staple.
    Some weird form of pica? I dunno.
  3. Kissed a few guys who had girlfriends.
    I won't go into the "who initiated it" debate because it's tired.
  4. Smoked weed for the first time. Pigged out on snacks then fell asleep in a twin bed with two friends while we were watching Disney's Tarzan.
  5. Shamelessly bummed rides from my friends with cars because I didn't have a car and a girl's gotta eat. And shop. And live.
    I think they got annoyed with me. But I lived in an area without safe public transport so not sure what else I could have done?
  6. Shared a room with my two (male) best friends on an away rotation instead of with the girls. NOT because of some internalised misogyny but because their room was way nicer and bigger and I wanted to be with my friends.
    I won't deny that we enjoyed the ridiculous rumours that caused. It was hilarious because the one is very gay and the other is very celibate, and then there's me. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. Demanded antidepressants from the campus doctor. Basically self-diagnosed and he didn't even do a risk assessment and I didn't even care.
    Nowadays I do. I kind if wish he had insisted on a psych referral back then. I wonder sometimes if my mind wouldn't be more under control by now if he had.
  8. Hooked up with a senior student who was teaching me the ropes in my new job as editor of the campus newspaper. It turned into a six month relationship.
    It was all kinds of forbidden for our conservative little campus. It was an interracial, inter-religious relationship and of course people insinuated that THAT'S how I got the job. It was also the most intense relationship I've ever had. A gift in many ways, and damaging in other ways.
  9. Denied above relationship when my parents found out about it.
    At this point we were falling apart anyway and I didn't see the point of involving them because I knew he would leave me soon. And he did. And knowing didn't make it the least bit easier.
  10. Hardly attended any classes from my second to sixth years.
    Basically passed because I attended all the compulsory clinical duties and then studied like a beast.
  11. Didn't pass a single anatomy spot test in first or second year.
    I hated anatomy and provided I passed physiology, I passed the modules. Best believe I studied my ass off in later years to make up for the knowledge I had missed out on.
  12. Wrote an apology note to a lecturer in one exam, because I had a migraine with aura and could hardly see - never mind think - straight.
    I did pass the exam. But I cringe at the thought of writing an actual note to the lecturer about it. 😂🙈
  13. Got really drunk on brandy at a student representative council weekend getaway. Where we were supposed to be planning for our year in office.
    We did plan. But I also had the nickname "Brandy" for a while.
  14. Went skinny dipping at the beach twice with above student council.
    It was for "initiation" and the girls were allowed to skip it. Because they were girls?! I said hell no and went along with it. The one time we got caught by a policeman and that was really really awkward and we were super lucky he didn't arrest us. It was like 3AM and nobody else was around.
  15. Then went skinny dipping again on our dean's farm when he had us over for a planning weekend.
    He was sleeping. I swear we did actually achieve a lot those two years. Despite our propensity for nudity and pot. I guess med students aren't so bothered by naked bodies?
  16. Broke into the anatomy lab one night because I could not for the life of me find an answer to a prep question.
  17. Slept with a guy on the first date. Thought it would just be a fling. Nearly seven years later, we're still together. 😊❤